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At Biomedical Associates, our goal is to provide the busy scientist, medical doctor, or bio-business professional with high caliber data, in the form of scientific writing and literary research, to inform business, research and marketing strategy.  Please contact me to set up an appointment regarding your scientific and business investigatory needs or check out a list of common products and services.

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Ian C. Clift, PhD, MLS(ASCP)
Founder, Biomedical Associates

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Please check out some of my current science journalism at Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News.  click on the search box and input 'Clift'.  

Academic Research
Expertise includes: immunology, neurobiology/neurology, oncology, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, food and drug metabolism, mechanistic & pathway analysis

Financial Journalism
Expertise: big data companies, healthcare, medical device industry

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Additional writing can be found at Ian Clift's blog, www.transductionist.com